Al Miller: Lifetime Commitment to Cecil County

Representing Cecil County District 3 Cecil County District 3

As a lifelong resident of Cecil County, I have dedicated my life to doing volunteer work for our County. As your County Councilor, I will draw on that wealth of experience as a leader and team player to improve the quality of life for all Cecil County citizens. My vision is to allow our community to grow and prosper while maintaining the rural agricultural character of our beautiful County! Protecting our rural history while planning for our future.


Protecting Cecil County’s rural history while planning for our future.

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Building Safe, Healthy, and Active Communities.

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A thriving local economy demands an environment that supports lifelong learning

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2022 District 3 Elected Councilman

Thank You Cecil County Cecil CountyCecil County

I would like to thank the citizens of Cecil County for re-electing me for the District 3 Council. I have dedicated much of my life to making Cecil County better for my family, my fellow citizens, and the next generation, through decades of service in local organizations and institutions and plan to continue my efforts going into my next term. Thank you Cecil County, I, Al Miller and everyone on our team appreciate you.

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County Council Meeting

Thank you everyone for attending the county council’s meeting last night. I apologize for the abrupt recess. Bob Meffley and I voted against the motion, but we were out voted by the other council members. Please continue to come and participate in YOUR government. We need to continue to work together to improve our county.