Education – Demand Education Excellence


A thriving local economy demands an environment that supports lifelong learning.

Cecil County Public Schools
– Al will work with school leadership to encourage education excellence for all Cecil County schools.

  • Al is endorsed by Cecil County Public Schools
  • One of Al’s proudest accomplishments during his current term was working together with Superintendent Dr. Lawson, local businesses, farmers, and many others to launch a School of Technology job-ready trade skills program. Graduates now have the skills needed to get good paying high demand jobs.
  • CCPS & Kilby's Food Waste/Bio Fuel Project.

Cecil College
– Al supports the growth of Cecil College and sees it as the crown-jewel of the community providing affordable and accessible education for citizens of the County.

  • Al will continue to make access to higher education a priority for Cecil Community College.
    • A large percentage of adults in the County take advantage of the colleges lifelong learning programs.
    • The Early College Academy has been a huge success. This program enables high school students to take college level courses at a reduced tuition rate that go toward achieving their future degree.
    • The Cecil College Nursing Program is highly respected and consistently achieves over a 90% pass rate for Board Certification.

Cecil County Public Library -
Al is a strong voice for our award-winning library system and its efforts to expand learning opportunities for all.

  • Al supported funding for the new North East Branch Library opening in Spring 2021. This opening will usher in a new level of access, experience, and opportunity for the entire community.
  • Al believes library partnerships benefit all ages in our community by:
    • Expanding Small Business Center services.
    • Engaging Children’s literacy programs.
    • Offering computer skill classes for adults returning to work.

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