Economy - Protecting Cecil County’s rural history while planning for our future.


Our local economy is positioned to take advantage of both commercial and agricultural economic development.

Al’s goal is to Grow Jobs in a Business-Friendly Community:  AI supported the comprehensive plan that led to the expansion of water and sewer lines along Route 40.  This expansion enables economic development where it should be, in the growth corridor of Route 40 & I-95 and keeps the big trucks off our back roads.  He continues to work for greater business to business opportunities and higher income level jobs for Cecil County residents.  Al plans to secure economic growth in Cecil County by retaining existing business and expanding business opportunities with an aggressive economic development program.

  • Growth of the Country Reserve Fund from 7% to 10%, these funds will be vital as we recover from the devastating impacts of COVID-19.
  • Complete an Interchange at I-95 & Belvidere Road to support industries in our county.
  • Provide Infrastructure Required by Business – Sewer & Water, Natural Gas Broadband Services.


Agriculture is thriving in Cecil County.  Al is a strong advocate for Family Farms and county agricultural growth.

  • Cecil County has 11% more active farms today.
  • Our County is ranked #1 for farm growth in Maryland.
  • We have risen to 2nd highest for total crop sales in all of Maryland! With continued focus Al hopes to make Cecil County first in crop sales in Maryland.

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