Five Cecil County Council Charter Amendments Overview

Dear Cecil County Friends & Neighbors,

I want to thank the citizens of Cecil County for re-electing me in the District 3 Council Primary Election.   As part of my job to serve the citizens of Cecil County, I am available to answer your questions regarding County Council activities.

This year on your General Election Ballot there are a few Cecil County Council Charter Amendments that need your vote.  I will summarize them briefly and explain the reason they are important.  Questions A and C are similar so I will review them first.

Question A:  Require the County Council fill a vacancy within thirty days after receiving a list of nominees

Question C:  Require the County Council fill a vacancy in the office of County Executive within thirty days after receiving a list of nominees.

Reason for A & C:  To ensure the County Council has a full 30 days to screen a nominee on the list.


Question B Redistricting Commission established by the county every 10 years be appointed within 30 days after receiving the official census population data form the State of Maryland; and to establish that local central committee members are not eligible for appointment to the Redistricting Commission.

Reason:  People on the Redistricting Commission cannot be elected officials, which included the Democratic and Republican Central Committees in Cecil County.


Question D: Reestablish an Ethics Committee

Reason: The County Council feels strongly that the Ethics Committee should be reestablished as a check and balance system for County Council Executive level decisions.


Question E:  Require certain information (description, price, vendor, source of funding, number of bids) about all county purchases and service contracts greater than $100,000, and all real estate purchases, sales and leases be presented to the County Council in public session after a contract is awarded.

Reason: To validate fairness of bids and to safe guard use Cecil County’s tax dollars.

I hope this summary of the questions and the brief reasons for changes to the County Council Charter is helpful as you vote in the GENERAL ELECTION on NOVEMBER 8, 2022.  Full details of the questions are listed in your General Election Ballot.  I voted with the majority of the County Council to approve all five of the proposed Charter amendments

As always, I am grateful for your support and vote on November 8, 2022.  Early voting will be held for 8 days and begin on Thursday, October 27, 2022, through Thursday, November 3, 2022, from 7 am until 8 pm.  For more information, my activities in the county or to donate to my campaign, please visit my website or Facebook Page or Twitter.

All the Best,

Al Miller

To the Cecil County Citizens…

Today, many of you probably got a mailer from my opponent lying about my record, and slandering my name. So, to be very clear, in my time as your Councilman I have never voted to raise any tax rates on any Cecil County citizen. In the 4 budgets I’ve voted on, twice I have voted to lower tax rates, and twice I have voted to keep tax rates the same. The only way you would have had to pay any more in taxes under my watch is if your property values went up, which is a decision made by state property value assessors.

This shameful, dishonest attack from my opponent is a pathetic attempt to turn the community, that I have been proudly serving my entire life, against me. It’s also meant to cover up the fact that he has no meaningful experience in our community, or any kind of qualifications to lead it. He’s just a politician who wants to win an office.

We need to keep self-serving, lying politicians out of our County Government and out of our community. Unlike my opponent, I have been proud to serve Cecil County for decades, most recently as your County Councilman for the last 4 years. In the Republican primary on July 19th, I hope I can count on your vote and we can continue making our county a better place! I have a lifetime commitment to our county and our families. Thank you for your support.

Back the Blue
A world without police is a world full of chaos. Without police officers our country would destroy itself. We cannot trust humans to do the right thing all of the time. If we had no one to enforce the law, it would be basically nonexistent. The streets would be ran by gangs, full of crime and violence. We need to do more than back the Blue. We need to thank them and keep them in our prayers.
Protecting County Class One Soils

I am very excited the Bill to Restrict Solar was passed this week. I have been working on this legislation for over 9 months and I want to thank the council and administration for their support of our 12 council amendments, which clearly state that we want to continue to support our Agricultural Rural Heritage by keeping Community Solar off our Class One Soils and requiring annual soil tests on the Solar properties. I will continue to work hard as your councilman to be the voice of agriculture for Cecil County.